Jason Shelton indicted by Grand Jury for Home Improvement Fraud

A Davidson County Grand Jury has indicted 53-year-old Jason Shelton for one count of theft over $10,000 and one count of home improvement fraud between July 6th, 2022, and March 6th, 2023. The indictment alleges that Shelton attempted to defraud Tennessee Home Builders while acting as a new home construction contractor. Shelton was taken into custody on June 29th and charged with theft and home improvement fraud. A Judicial Commissioner set his bond at $15,000.

Lakeesha Dixon-Starnes indicted after stealing $32,192 from Hooper Corporation

A Davidson County Grand Jury indicted 41-year-old Lakeesha Dixon-Starnes for theft of property and forgery on March 13th. The indictment alleges that Dixon-Starnes, between the 4th day of January 2023 and the 27th day of February 2023, in Davidson County, Tennessee, knowingly did obtain or exercise control over certain property, to wit: a sum of money, of the value of $10,000 or more but less than $60,000, the property of Hooper Corporation, without their effective consent, and did forge writing described as follows: check number 30193 drawn on the BMO Harris Bank account of General Heating and Air Conditioning, dated January 4th, 2023 and made payable to Important Signatures LLC for $32,193.60, of the value of $10,000 or more but less than $60,000, with intent to defraud or harm another, to wit: Hooper Corporation. Dixon-Starnes was taken into custody on April 27th, 2024.

Amany Megali says she bit her child’s arm because he wouldn’t listen to her commands

30-year-old Amany Megali told detectives during an interview that she bit the arm of her six-year-old son, breaking the skin and leaving a substantial injury, because he was “refusing to listen to her commands.” The Department of Children’s Services and Metro Nashville Police became involved when the child’s father took his son to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital after he complained of arm pain and stated his mother bit him.

Bertin Bayisenge charged in assault of his 2-year-old autistic son

38-year-old Bertin Bayisenge is charged with assaulting his 2-year-old son, who is diagnosed with Autism, by repeatedly striking him in the back of the head after picking him up by his shirt and yelling at him in a fit of anger. The child’s mother says Bayisenge was intoxicated when he came home and assaulted the child, and was also verbally abusive. The couple was in an argument when the autistic child rand toward the father, which is when the assault occurred. Police documented an injury to the child’s head, and the child would scream any time the mother attempted to show or touch the injured area. The child was treated at Vanderbilt and the father was jailed.