Laura Kelsey Bartlette — too drunk to fly at Nashville International Airport

32-year-old Laura Kelsey Bartlette could not find her luggage at the Nashville International Airport Thursday afternoon. Nashville Airport Police Officer Smith approached after being called for an intoxicated individual and found Laura, whose flight was rescheduled to the next day. Police say she reeked of alcohol, and she could not answer their questions about where she lived, her date of birth, or where she was going. Nashville Airport Police Officer Smith took Laura into custody due to her level of intoxication.

Robert Cirilo — too drunk to fly out of Nashville Airport

41-year-old Robert Cirilo was jailed Monday when police observed he was too drunk to board his flight at Nashville International Airport. As officers were patrolling, they saw Cirilo standing in line at Tootsie’s Bar, clearly drunk. They walked over to him, and he said that his phone was dead and he was just trying to get home. He had slurred speech and alcohol coming from his breath as he spoke. Officers were told that Cirilo was denied boarding due to his level of intoxication. Officers made a phone call to a friend who informed them that Cirilo had a flight later that day. Officers helped Cirilo obtain a new ticket and walked him to his gate. Officers were called back to the gate shortly after due to Cirilo being disruptive, looking for his lost phone. He was visibly drunk and denied boarding once again. Officers asked him to gather his belongings that were scattered on the floor so they could escort him to a hotel, but he was too drunk to gather anything and was unable to care for himself.

Mitch Marcello denied boarding at BNA, believes he’s in New Orleans #PublicIntoxication

30-year-old Mitch Marcello was denied boarding Wednesday at the Nashville International Airport due to his state of extreme intoxication. Airport police encountered him near the gate and Marcello had difficulty understanding where he was, believing he was in New Orleans, stating he would just be able to walk home. Unable to care for himself, Marcello was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

Carolyn Richard Abell too drunk to fly at Nashville Internation Airport

61-year-old Carolyn Richard Abell was denied boarding her Southwest Airlines flight on February 7 due to her extreme level of intoxication. Airport security became involved at the gate, noting that Abell had urinated on herself. She was asked to leave the airport property via taxi or rideshare, but she refused, asking, “I can’t stay here?” When informed she could not remain on airport property, she stated, “I’m not going anywhere; I’m going home!” She was then placed into custody for public intoxication, despite her resistance.

Sean Stein refuses to exit plane when denied travel due to his extreme 4 p.m. drunkenness

35-year-old Sean Stein and a female were both denied boarding at the Nashville International Airport Monday afternoon due to their extreme level of intoxication at 4:25 p.m. Stein became aggressive with the flight crew when they advised he needed to exit the aircraft. He then became irate with officers who came to assist him off the aircraft.

He continued to refuse and was handcuffed while pulling away, resisting arrest.

Southwest passenger Kevin Comeaux found “dazed and confused” at airport bar

Nashville Airport Police found 22-year-old Kevin Comeaux slumped over and asleep at the bar of the Puckett’s restaurant on Concourse D. Officer awakened him for a welfare check and found him very “dazed and confused,” and it was apparent he had urinated on himself while at the bar. He refused to provide his name, only offering that he was fine and flying with Southwest Airlines. A Southwest representative responded to the bar and advised him he would be denied boarding due to his state of intoxication. The officer attempted to escort him to the unsecured side of the airport where he could be rebooked for a later flight; however, Comeaux refused to cooperate. He was taken into custody and transported to booking.