Underage DWI: Davis Gore drives into Raising Cane’s drive-thru menu after drinking Vodka

19-year-old Davis “Brittain” Gore argued with his girlfriend at Raising Cane’s on White Bridge Pike late April 6th. When officers arrived, they noticed he was sitting on the bed of his pick-up truck, which was partially in a ditch. Brittain told them he and his girlfriend were arguing over her cell phone, and she started yelling at him when they got inside the restaurant.

Brittain told officers that when he went back to the truck, His girlfriend scratched his arm and strangled him until he lost consciousness. After that, he slammed his foot on the pedal, thinking it was the brakes, causing him to run into a vehicle, the drive-thru menu sign, and then into a ditch. Brittain added that he had been drinking Pink Whitney, a vodka beverage, a malt liquor, and a tall Twisted Tea. He refused to take sobriety tests but agreed to provide a chemical sample, resulting in .059 BAC%. Brittain was taken into custody for driving while impaired and underage alcohol consumption.

19-Year-Old James Carroll drunkenly argues with pedestrians on Broadway

19-year-old James Patrick Carroll argued with pedestrians as they passed by in front of Whiskey River on Broadway late March 16th. When officers located Carroll, he reeked of alcohol, exhibiting numerous signs of impairment. Carroll stated that he was alone and did not know what hotel he was staying at. Carroll was deemed unable to care for himself and then was taken into custody for public intoxication and underage drinking.

Patton Guest, son of U.S. Congressman Michael Guest, jailed in Nashville after assaulting cop

20-year-old Michael ‘Patton’ Guest, son of U.S. Congressman Michael Guest, was jailed in Nashville Friday night, accused of assaulting a police officer and underage drinking. Metro Nashville Police Officer Cody Bergquist was standing on Broadway in downtown Nashville when a clear plastic cup fell from the rooftop bar above, striking him in his left foot. Officers reviewed security footage which clearly showed Patton Guest intentionally throwing the glass from the rooftop of Jason Aldean’s Bar. When officers located Guest and confronted him, he had an alcoholic drink in each hand, despite only being 20 years old. Guest initially denied throwing any items from the rooftop, but during the interview, he admitted, unprompted, that he threw the drink from the roof and had been drinking alcohol from the bar. Multiple witnesses identified Guest as the person who threw the glass.

Tourist ‘Lake’ Lovorn fights with police officers, bouncers, drinks downtown using fake ID

20-year-old John ‘Lake’ Lovorn was taken to the ground by a bouncer at Layla’s Honky Tonk on Broadway in downtown Nashville in the early hours of Saturday morning, and the two began to wrestle on the sidewalk. Metro Nashville Police Officers noticed the commotion and separated the two. According to a friend with him, Lovorn had been drinking nearby at The Stage on Broadway, but it was unclear what prompted the altercation with the other security staff. Lovorn fought with officers as they pulled him away, eventually causing them also to tackle him to the ground to detain him. One officer injured his hand during the struggle. In addition to his actual valid license, Lovorn had a fake North Carolina ID in his possession under the name ‘Lake Lee Leonard,’ which stated he was 21 and contained the actual ID number belonging to a Mark Carr.

Lindsey Perdue charged with underage drinking after using a designated driver to get home

18-year-old Lindsey Perdue was booked this week on a citation for underage drinking in March when she was involved in a car accident as a passenger. She told police that she had been drinking with friends at a parking garage off Elliston Place, and someone offered to drive her home because she was drunk. Perdue was transported to Vanderbilt for her injuries after the crash.

Brennan Spiller, 19, charged with DUI after interstate crash

19-year-old Brennan Spiller was standing on the shoulder of I-40 after wrecking his 2006 Mazda in late January with a bloody nose and a busted lip. He admitted he was the driver, but when officers remarked that he smelled like alcohol, Spiller stated he wasn’t speaking to officers any further about the incident. Officers located several opened alcoholic beverages inside the crashed car. Medics had to hold him up to get to the ambulance, as he could not stand on his own. He was transported to the hospital for treatment and issued citations related to the DUI. He was booked on those charges this week.

Chase Irvin, 18, charged with underage drinking, resisting arrest in downtown Nashville

18-year-old Chase Irvin attempted to enter Redneck Riviera late Saturday night, but was denied entry due to his level of intoxication. Irvin then attempted to charge past the bounces. After failing to do so, he began to throw the signs outside the bar and was detained by security. As officers arrived to take him into custody for public intoxication and disorderly conduct, Irvin attempted to flee while being detained. He was additionally charged with underage drinking and resisting arrest.

Karstea Johnson charged with selling beer to a minor during Predators game at Bridgestone

28-year-old Karstea Johnson sold a Michelob Ultra to a confidential informant with the Tennessee Alcohol Beverage Commission (TABC), who presented an ID stating their age as 19, which Johnson visually checked. A special agent witnessed the sale, which occurred during the Nashville Predators hockey game on December 13, and issued a citation to Johnson for the crime. She was booked on that citation this week.