Malachi Nelson attempts to break into US Bank ATM with large rock

32-year-old Malachi Nelson was taken into custody on June 18th for vandalism. Officers responded to a robbery alarm at the Lebanon Pike US Bank. When they arrived, they located Nelson walking toward the entrance of the closed bank. Officers found the damaged ATM door, which initially triggered the notification to the police. They also noticed the lower keylock door had been pried open. Then, officers discovered a large rock near the ATM. US Bank employees provided officers with footage of the occurrence, showing Nelson standing near the ATM for several minutes. Nelson then grabbed a knife from his pocket and opened its exterior door. After this, Nelson walked to the grass, picked up a rock, and started hitting the safe. After multiple unsuccessful attempts, he started walking to the front door. Nelson was then detained for the incident.

Felipe Fernandez throws baby mama’s phone during argument over Father’s Day plans

28-year-old Felipe Fernandez had a domestic incident with the mother of his child, Shelby Ford, at the Smith Springs Road Exxon late June 15th. When officers arrived, they spoke with Ford, who stated that she and Fernandez argued over what they should do for Father’s Day. During this, they both went to grab their baby and pushed each other, leaving visible scratches on their arms. She said that they both went outside, and she tried to call 911. In response, Fernandez grabbed Ford’s phone and threw it, cracking the screen. Then, officers went to Fernandez’s Castlegate Drive residence, where Fernandez admitted to throwing and damaging Ford’s phone. Ford was detained for the incident. Fernandez was taken into custody for vandalism on June 16th.

William A. Southern arrested for threatening brother with knife during city-wide warrant round-up

46-year-old William Antonio Southern was arrested as part of a city-wide warrant round-up. Southern had a domestic altercation with his uncle, William Carl Southern, at his mother’s, Vickie Southern’s, house around 8:30 p.m. on February 27th. Vickie alerted the authorities, advising them that William Antonio and her grandson, Joe Shawn Thompson, had a verbal disagreement. When officers arrived, she further explained that William Antonio was being disorderly. Vickie explained that Thompson told her that William Antonio had put a knife against William Carl’s neck. Officers then spoke with William Carl, who stated while he and William Antonio were playing basketball, William Antonio pulled out a knife and held it to his neck. William Carl did not sustain any injuries in the incident. Since he left, officers obtained a warrant for William Antonio’s arrest.

Then, on March 25th, William Carl Southern called the police, telling them that he came outside while he was at another location and found William Antonio Southern sitting in his backseat. William Carl told William Antonio to leave, but he refused, so William Carl drove to Vickie Southern’s house. When they got there, William Carl went inside to get Vickie, during which William Antonio grabbed a brick and threw it multiple times at his vehicle. This caused the windshield to crack, leaving dents and scratches on the driver’s side door. Then, William Antonio punched William Carl in the face and ran into the woods behind the residence. A warrant was issued for William Antonio’s arrest. William Antonio Southern was taken into custody for aggravated assault, domestic assault, and vandalism on June 12th as part of a city-wide warrant round-up.

Robert Hill totals a car by beating it with a brick & mop handle

46-year-old Robert Hill was involved in an altercation with Thomas Reid at Charles E Davis Blvd on March 27th. Officers arrived and spoke with Reid, who stated that when he and Hill got into an argument, Hill chased him around his car and into the street. Law enforcement was provided surveillance footage of the incident. With that, they observed Hill smashing Reid’s windows and damaging the vehicle with a brick and a mop handle. Hill was also seen entering Reid’s car through the window, grabbing the keys, and throwing them into the street. After doing so, Hill was seen pulling out a box that contained a crock pot and throwing it to the ground. Reid later informed law enforcement that the damage to his vehicle was deemed totaled by his insurance company. Reid’s car was valued at $27,099.05. After being identified by Reid in a photo lineup, Robert Hill was taken into custody and charged with vehicular burglary and vandalism.

Christopher Eddie arrested for string of car thefts during city-wide warrant round-up

19-year-old Christopher Eddie was arrested as part of a city-wide warrant round-up. Eddie and around six other unidentified teenagers were found to be the car theft group responsible for stealing multiple vehicles from December 22nd, 2023, to June 6th, 2024. Layla Vicari reported her red Hyundai Sonata stolen on December 22nd, 2023. Eddie arrived in the parking garage and drove her Sonata on December 25th, 2023, which was caught on camera. On December 26th, 2023, Eddie drove Vicari’s Sonata into a Lenore Street Parking garage. He assisted one of his minor co-defendants, who exited and used a screwdriver on Brittany Brown’s grey Hyundai Elantra. Then, they left, and Eddie acted as a lookout while they stole a silver Kia that Clifford Jones was renting from the Dew Street parking garage. On December 27th, 2023, they were caught stealing Reonte Beal’s silver 2015 Kia Optima on camera before abandoning it on Kate Street on December 28th, 2023. On December 31st, they stole Bruno Adams’s grey 2018 Kia Sorrento and Brittany Brown’s 2020 Elantra from the Lenore Street Parking garage. On January 2nd, they were caught driving a blue 2020 Kia Forte reported stolen by Makia Miller. On January 9th, Eddie arrived in Luke Widseth’s black Hyundai Elantra and tried to steal Yvette Wright’s Hyundai Elantra before fleeing. On June 6th, Reginald Small reported his 2023 Toyota 4Runner stolen and tracked it down to a Hillside Avenue address. Officers located Eddie and an unidentified individual walking on the sidewalk away from the building. Officers asked them to identify themselves and to stop walking. They both ran, but officers caught Eddie after a brief foot chase. Eddie was taken into custody for seven counts of vehicle theft, attempted vehicle theft, evading arrest, joyriding, two counts of vandalism, and two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor on June 7th.

Gabriel Tyson throws large rock through front door of Hart Lane Driver Services Center

22-year-old Gabriel Ryan Tyson threw a large rock through the front door of the Hart Lane Driver Services Center around 12:37 p.m. on June 12th. When officers arrived, Tyson had already left, but bystanders who witnessed the incident pointed out that he had just driven past. Officers located Tyson driving near Tennessee Water and Fire on West Kirkland Avenue, where they conducted a show-up with a Driver Services Center employee, who positively identified Tyson as the person in question. Officers reviewed footage of the incident. Officers were told that Tyson entered the building, was notified that he did not have the proper paperwork, and was explained what he needed to have. After this, Tyson became upset, snatched his papers off the table, and kicked the door open to leave the building. Tyson then returned with a large rock and threw it at the front door, which did not do enough damage, so he threw it again and shattered the front door panel. The repairs were valued at approximately $1,500 to replace. Tyson was then taken into custody for vandalism.

Samuel Kimball tells police he “sh*t” on mother’s bed “because she’s a b**ch”

35-year-old Samuel Kimball was taken into custody for vandalism on June 13th. Around 6:15 p.m., Elaine Kimball, Samuel’s mom, called the police to their October Woods Drive residence and advised them that she had left the house early in the morning and returned around 4:30 p.m., which was when she discovered that Samuel had thrown food from the refrigerator onto the floor, breaking a glass bowl, thrown a full litterbox around the kitchen and her bedroom, had written “liar” on her bedroom door, flipped over her mattress and defecated on it. Officers spoke with Samuel, who stated he was upset over a car situation and how his parents were verbally abusive to his boyfriend. He said that he had “snapped” over 35 years’ worth of emotional abuse from them and had “shit on her bed because she is a bitch.” He was then detained for the occurrence.

Errica Davis assaults roommate, destroys his phone while he tries to move out

26-year-old Errica Davis was involved in a domestic altercation with Timothy Spears, a roommate, at a Murfreesboro Pike Apartment residence on June 12th. When officers arrived on the scene, they spoke with Spears, who told officers that he came to the location to get the rest of his things so he could move out. Spears stated that while he was gathering his things, Davis became aggressive and locked him out of the bedroom. Spears’ phone was inside the bedroom, and when he was able to get inside the bedroom and recover his phone, the screen was shattered, which was observed by officers. Spears also informed officers that Davis had pushed him multiple times and grabbed him by the shirt collar, pulling him around. Davis then grabbed Spears’ shorts pocket, pulling him into the kitchen counter and injuring his wrist. Officers then spoke with Davis, who stated that Spears pushed her, so she locked herself in the bedroom. When she finally left the room, Spears went inside and grabbed his phone, but she claimed she did not know why his phone was broken. After seeing the phone and Spears’ torn clothes, officers determined Davis to be the primary aggressor, and she was taken into custody for domestic assault and vandalism.

Destiny Banks punches mother in face after trying to strangle her

19-year-old Destiny Lashaea Banks had a domestic altercation with her mother, Laquisha Banks, at her Edgehill Avenue residence on March 30th. Laquisha told responding officers that Destiny had entered her house and grabbed a drill for her nails without permission before kicking open her bedroom door, leaving visible damage. When Laquisha tried to remove Destiny from the house, a scuffle ensued, during which Destiny grabbed her by the neck to strangle her while trying to punch her. After Laquisha got away, she called the police, and Destiny left. She provided them with Destiny’s information and advised that she wanted to press charges for the occurrence. A warrant was issued for her arrest, and Destiny Banks was later arrested for domestic assault and vandalism on June 9th.

Keterrius Stegall punches girlfriend in face & steals car keys during argument

21-year-old Keterrius La John Stegall was involved in a domestic altercation with his girlfriend, Rickora Walker, at a Buffalo Trails apartment residence on May 4th. Walker contacted the police about an incident that occurred between her and Stegall. When officers arrived on the scene, they spoke with Walker, who stated she was on the phone with her sister when Stegall overheard her talking and got upset with what she was talking about. Walker told officers that Stegall wanted to grab their kid from her mom’s place, but she did not want him to go over there because he had a bad relationship with her brother.

The two got into an argument, and while they were arguing, Stegall punched Walker in the stomach and took her keys from her hoodie pocket. Walker told officers that after that, Stegall grabbed her phone, threw it on the ground, and stepped on it, causing damage. Stegall then went outside with the keys before Walker followed and got into the car as well. While in the vehicle arguing, Stegall punched her in the face, making her get out of the vehicle. He then proceeded to leave the scene with the vehicle.

Officers observed marks on Walker’s face as well as visible scratch marks around her neck. Officers also observed the damaged phone. Stegall violated the no-contact order that Walker had against him. Stegall also failed to appear in court twice after posting bond. A warrant was issued, and Stegall was taken into custody on June 10th for vandalism, theft, domestic assault, no contact order violation, and two counts of failing to appear.