Safa Homayoon says his father assaulted his dog, so he assaulted his windshield with a computer

43-year-old Safa Homayoon admits damaging his father’s computer by throwing it at his car, but says he only did so because his father hit his dog. Police responded to the Beechwood Ave call on July 9th when Seth Homayoon reported that his son, Safa Homayoon, was agitated about a situation and had taken his computer, but wasn’t sure what he did with it. As they visited the carport of the home, they observed the car’s damaged windshield glass and a damaged computer beside it.

Asyia Lewis & Kameisha Patterson both charged in lover’s brawl

18-year-old Asyia Lewis & 21-year-old Kameisha Patterson were jailed this week after Goodlettsville Police responded to a ‘disorderly subject’ call on Green Circle on July 7th to find a large group of people inside a home yelling at Kameisha Patterson to leave the property. While officers were at the home, they observed Patterson’s girlfriend, Asyia Lewis, slap her in the face — she says she just found out that Patterson had cheated on her. They also observed Patterson slamming an iPhone onto the ground and throwing a trophy across the room. Patterson was restrained and taken out of the apartment, but pulled away and attempted to flee as she was being cuffed. Patterson is also accused of striking Asyia’s mother, Lumeka, in the face. During the investigation, Patterson claimed she needed to use the restroom and when a female officer was escorting her to the restroom she sprinted away from custody for a short period of time before being captured again.

Brooklyn Campbell attempts to run over & shoots at her boyfriend during breakup

20-year-old Brooklyn Campbell was amid a breakup with her boyfriend, Carl (CJ) Hollingsworth, in May when they began to fight over a cell phone. Police say Brooklyn attempted to run over her ex-lover with her 2020 Altima while threatening to shoot up the area, however, he escaped by running in between two parked vehicles. She continued to plow into one of the parked vehicles, undeterred by his attempt to run away. She then pulled a handgun and fired it out the driver’s side window with several people in the immediate vicinity as she fled the area. Warrants were issued for her arrest, and she was jailed on them this week.

Daniel Castilaw charged after throwing motorcycle helmet thru dad’s door during dispute

Police responded to a Deer Estates residence near the Loveless Cafe on June 18th for what was reported as a domestic disturbance. David Lee Castilaw told officers that his 23-year-old son, Daniel Castilaw, were in an ongoing verbal argument for the past two weeks about him not being able to use a vehicle. Daniel reportedly threw his motorcycle helmet at the door of the home, resulting in a large hold in the door and damage to the interior wall.

He had his son arrested and charged with vandalism.

Jennifer Wall removes roommate’s security camera & smashes it with an axe #Arrested

30-year-old Jennifer Wall is charged with vandalism after police responded to the Wales Ct. home she and a roommate share. The roommate, Luigi Bellavita, contacted police when he returned home from the store to find the security camera from the living room had been removed and destroyed, with part of the outer shell casing located in the backyard. Officers asked Wall what happened to the camera, and she stated she felt the camera was an invasion of her privacy so she removed it and smashed it with an axe. She was transported to jail and charged with vandalism.

Dascia Turner charged with driving into ex-boyfriend’s car, get out, rips off the front grill

In April of 2020, Jarrell Dunnigan says his ex-girlfriend, 32-year-old Dascia Turner, drove into the parking lot of his apartment complex on Glastonbury Drive in her blue Nissan sedan. She proceeded to drive into his 2006 Mercury vehicle, striking the passenger side. She then exited her car, walked to the front of his Mercury, grabbed the center grill, and ripped it from his vehicle. A warrant for vandalism was issued for her arrest. She was booked on the outstanding warrant this week.

Jamesha Grady smashes ex-lover’s F-150 windshield with hot sauce bottle from balcony

29-year-old Jamesha Grady is charged with vandalism after she threw a bottle of hot sauce at her former lover’s truck on June 2nd. The former “intimate partners” had been in a verbal argument after which Carlos Harp decided to leave the situation and attempted to drive away. Grady, who was standing on the balcony of the residence, gave her best baseball toss of a hot sauce bottle onto the windshield, cracking the glass and covering it with red-hot sauce, according to police.

Austin McFarlin charged with assault of lover who claimed to have slept with his best friend

18-year-old Austin Mcfarlin was arrested and charged with domestic vandalism this week after his girlfriend, Aria Smith, told him she had sex with his best friend and says Austin then threw her phone on the ground at her feet, damaging it. She says he also punched a hole in the wall of her apartment. Metro Police say his girlfriend Aria Smith’s actual name is Seth Smith, per court documents.

Mad about a breakup, Nykisha Gooch slices ex & his car with a boxcutter at East Nashville intersections

29-year-old Nykisha Gooch was jailed this week on multiple outstanding felony warrants including aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and vandalism. Her ex-boyfriend, Michael Wilson, called police on April 25th to report Kisha had just sliced him with a box cutter at an intersection in East Nashville. Wilson says he was in the left turn lane at Gallatin & East Palestine Ave when a brown Chevy Impala sped up from behind and blocked him in. ‘Kisha’ suddenly appears from the Impala, broke the door handle of his car, and dragged the box cutter across his vehicle, causing several thousand dollars in damage, including denting the vehicle. As Wilson exited the car to put a stop to the vandalism Gooch attacked him and struck his palm with the blade. The couple had only dated for two weeks before he broke up with her.