DUI: Katherine Webb says she didn’t drink any of the 20 “vodka shooters” inside her crashed car

Police say they found around twenty 50ml “vodka shooters” in the crashed vehicle of 25-year-old Katherine Webb after she crashed into a block wall on Reynolds Road Saturday evening, deploying all of her airbags. Webb was still inside the vehicle and refused to open or unlock her doors. First responders had to break out a window to enter the vehicle and get her transported for medical treatment. Webb claimed she only had 2 shots of vodka earlier but did not consume any of the “vodka shooters” inside the vehicle. She performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was charged with DUI.

Alejandro Wright rips shirt off in wild rage against girlfriend in downtown Nashville

31-year-old Alejandro Grant Wright was at the intersection of 4th & Broadway Saturday when police say he was in a “heated verbal argument” with his girlfriend, Valeria Galvan. He was reportedly irate and causing such a scene that he drew the attention of all the citizens in the immediate downtown area. Wright then ripped off his shirt and walked aggressively at his girlfriend as officers intervened to prevent any physical assault from happening. Galvan says she was in fear of being hurt by Wright.

Xzavier Woods charged in assault of Jasoniesha McCullough, mother of his child

22-year-old Xzavier Woods was jailed this weekend on an outstanding warrant charging him with the domestic assault of the mother of his child. Jasoniesha McCullough told police that she and Xzaiver were arguing because he had recently started seeing other people romantically, despite the two still living together. Wood reportedly became extremely upset and started to walk out of the room when Jasoniesha says she attempted to stop him by standing in the doorway. Woods then reportedly grabbed her and threw her around, and tossed her to the ground, leaving her with abrasions on her face, neck, torso, and bother arms, as documented by police. He fled the scene before police arrived, and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Anthony Flores charged after drunken antics at Losers Bar & Grill in downtown Nashville

26-year-old Anthony Rene Flores attempted to interfere with security at Losers Bar & Grill in downtown Nashville as they were detaining another individual late Saturday night. As Metro Police arrived to take the other individual into custody, Flores then began to interfere with the officers. Security relayed that before they detained Flores, he yelled and reach toward the back of his waistband, then balled up his fists, took a fighting stance, and lunched at the bouncers. Due to his extreme level of intoxication, Flores was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

Tourist Will Maracich was not a winner at Losers Bar & Grill

24-year-old tourist William Maracich from South Carolina was detained by security at Losers Bar in downtown Nashville late Saturday night after he caused a disturbance in the bar due to his extreme level of intoxication. Police arrived in response to the disturbance and took Maracich into custody, at which time he resisted being cuffed. Once at booking, Maracich refused to exit the patrol car, resulting in officers carrying him into booking.

Natalie Rodriguez charged with assaulting her mother, who asked her to go to the grocery store

23-year-old Natalie Rodriguez is charged with hitting her mother in the face and her body, reportedly upset her mother, Christina Valles, had asked her to go to the grocery store. Officers arrived at the Branch Oak Trail home Saturday afternoon, where the mother reported she had asked Natalie to get food and household supplies for her two juvenile children. Natalie reportedly became verbally aggressive and hostile, eventually escalating to assaulting her mother, leaving her with some injuries, which were documented by responding officers. Christina’s husband separated the two until police arrived.

Jackson Martin has “no idea” how a key fob to a stolen car got into his pants

20-year-old Jackson Martin says he was just “out walking his dog” and was never inside any stolen vehicle, and has no idea how the key fob to the stolen vehicle got inside his pants pocket. That’s what Martin told police as Dawn Smith’s stolen Lexus was pinged to a Players Court address Saturday. Martin had reportedly driven the vehicle to the location for someone to repair a broken headlight. Multiple people at the location confirmed that Martin drove the vehicle there and observed him in the driver’s seat.

Chase Jenkins walks to store for “water and gum” after DUI crash in North Nashville

25-year-old Chase Jenkins crashed into another vehicle Friday night in North Nashville, then casually exited his vehicle and went to a nearby convenience store for “water and gum” while the woman in the impacted vehicle remained in her driver’s seat. Officers located him standing near the doors of the gas station and say he reeked of alcohol. As he was walked back to the scene of the accident, he reportedly told officers he had drank three beers in the three hours prior to driving. He attempted field sobriety tests, but they had to be terminated for his own safety due to his level of intoxication.

Angela Hurt pulls revolver & begins countdown, threatens to shoot man over parking space

Curtis Patel was returning to his car, which he had parked in the alley near 8th Ave South, when he was suddenly confronted by 45-year-old Angela Hurt Gordon was irate and yelling and screaming about him parking “in her spot.” As Curtis got into his car to leave, she threw something at his windshield and kicked the side of his vehicle. She went back inside, and as he backed out of the area, a Belmont security officer made contact with him. While they were speaking, Angela came back out of her house holding a revolver, which she pointed in the air and threatened to shoot him. She began a backward countdown from 10, causing Curtis to flee the immediate area as police arrived to observe Angela still armed and screaming.

Kam Elder smashes boss’s car with shopping cart after he’s fired from Walmart

Police say 19-year-old Kameron Elder picked up a shopping cart and threw it onto the windshield, fender, and hood of his Walmart manager’s vehicle after she terminated his employment. Christina Korous says after she fired Elder for performance-related issues, he was observed on security cameras approaching her Honda Civic in the parking lot. He pushed a shopping cart toward the car, picked up the cart, and used it to smash the vehicle. Damage was estimated at $5,000.