Felicia Carbin threatens roommate with knife, tells her “I’m going to kill y’all or I am going to kill me!”

54-year-old Felicia Carbin was arguing with her roommate, Angela Robinson, about food in the fridge during the early hours of Sunday evening. Robinson confronted Carbin about possibly taking her food out of the refrigerator, leading to the argument. Carbin then went to the kitchen, grabbed a medium-sized butcher knife, faced Robinson, and said, “I’m going to kill y’all, or I am going to kill me!” Robinson told officers that she felt that the statement was targeted toward her and was scared for her life.

Carbin told officers Robinson went into her room without permission, which sparked the argument. She also said Robinson was upset that someone took her food out without her knowledge, which led to Robinson pushing her, causing her to fall. Carbin felt as though she needed a form of self-protection, so she grabbed a knife. She told officers that she had not made any threatening statements toward her.

Officers spoke with a witness, Ms Mccord, who was the homeowner, and she told officers that the argument was about Robinson’s food being removed from the fridge. She also corroborated that Carbin did go to the kitchen for a butter knife and did say, “I’m going to kill y’all, or I am going to kill me!” Due to her statement being almost identical to Robinson’s, officers determined that Carbin was the primary aggressor. Carbin was taken into custody and charged with aggravated assault- deadly weapon int/kn.

Keosha Ferguson attempts to stab ex-girlfriend during dispute

21-year-old Keosha Ferguson was arguing with her ex-girlfriend, Antwameshia Jordan, about their recent breakup during the late hours of Tuesday evening. When Jordan brought up her most recent girlfriend, the argument turned physical. Ferguson went on a rampage, destroying Jordan’s phone and two of her mirrors. Ferguson then diverted her attention to Jordan, hitting her in the face, and then proceeded to grab a blue folding knife and charge at her, threatening to kill her. Ferguson swung the blade at her but missed and stabbed the couch. Jordan got into a struggle to get the knife out of Ferguson’s hand, but Ferguson bit her on her forearm. Officers came to observe the broken mirrors and the injury to Jordan’s arm. Ferguson shortly came back and attempted to gain entry into the apartment but was placed in handcuffs by officers. Ferguson, while being escorted out of the apartment, said that she was going to come back and kill Jordan and admitted to biting her and destroying her items. Ferguson was booked previously for an incident involving assault in November of 2022.

Landlord Yousuf Ahmad charged with firing gun at tenant while intoxicated

33-year-old Yousuf Ahmad was reportedly intoxicated in the early hours of Sunday morning when he sent a text message to his tenant, Kisa Myrick, who lives next door. When she received the text, which advised she needed to move out, she went to the door of Ahmad’s home, but he did not answer. As she returned to her home, she says he came behind her and forced his way into her home while holding a black handgun. He reportedly grabbed her by her wrist and yelled at her, threatening to kill her, and fired the firearm.

During questioning, police say Ahmad repeated himself and would randomly yell and scream. He claims he only answered his door and went back to bed; however, his girlfriend confirmed to police that he followed the victim to her home, and police retrieved a Glock 22, along with a shell casing, on the front steps of the victim’s home.

Jena Harris attempts to assault boyfriend with metal baseball bat

20-year-old Jena Harris was jailed on November 12th after assaulting her boyfriend on Columbus Trace Court. Jena’s aunt told officers she had been arguing with her boyfriend all day and throwing items around the house. She stated that Jena lost her temper and hit her boyfriend in the face. Jena then picked up a metal baseball bat and swung it at her boyfriend. The boyfriend told officers that he tried to calm his girlfriend down, but she still hit him in the face. He explained the incident with the baseball bat and advised that he was able to take it from her before being hit. Jena admitted to hitting her boyfriend but denied swinging the baseball bat.

Mark Boutsisomphone pushes, threatens mother with knife; “We are all dead”

27-year-old Mark Boutsisomphone was involved in a domestic disturbance with his mother, Kheo Boutsisomphone, at Whites Creek Pike Apartments on October 23rd. Officers arrived and spoke with Kheo, who advised them that she and Mark had previously argued, and she left with her daughter and came back to kick him out of the apartment when he pushed the door open, pushing her out of the way. Then an argument ensued in the kitchen as Kheo was telling Mark that he could no longer stay there, so he picked up a kitchen knife and said, “We are all dead.” if the police or anyone else tried to remove him from the residence. Kheo felt threatened by this, and Mark left as the argument ended. Kheo’s neighbor, who witnessed the incident, spoke with police and confirmed Kheo’s statements. Mark Boutsisomphone was taken into custody on November 7th for aggravated assault.

Nashville songwriter Matt McGinn threatens to kill girlfriend and slit her dog’s throat while kidnapping her

35-year-old Matthew McGinn reportedly lied to his girlfriend of two years, Carly Strickland, about staying in a hotel while she was out of town. She wanted to confront him and asked him to meet her at his multi-million dollar estate, where she was located. He arrived and blocked her car in the driveway. The couple discussed the matter, and Strickland decided to leave. She says McGinn refused to let her leave until she sat down and talked to him more. During the continued discussion, he became irate and called her derogatory names. She gathered her dog and attempted to flee the residence when McGinn reportedly pushed her to the ground and stood in the doorway to block her exit. She says he then grabbed the dog and threatened to strangle it, and told her she needed to “sit the fuck down,” and he wanted her and her dog to die. He is overheard on a recording telling her he would kill her and slit her dog’s throat if she attempted to leave.  A copy of the order of protection is included in the linked story.

McGinn then reportedly removed his shirt and began to wrap it around her shoulders in an apparent attempt to strangle her with the shirt. She was able to call 911, and when she screamed that he would not let her leave, he finally allowed her to exit the residence. He followed her outside, got in his own car to unblock the driveway, and reportedly drove aggressively as if he was going to hit her vehicle with his own. Warrants, including felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and kidnapping, were issued, and McGinn was taken into custody.

Preston Davis Cannon shoots fireworks at couple walking their dog, per police

Police say 20-year-old Preston ‘Davis’ Cannon shot large mortar-style fireworks from a moving vehicle at a couple who were walking their dog on September 15. Keiffer Smith and Leah Langfelder were walking their dog near Scarlet Ridge Drive and Autumn Crossing Way when a vehicle approached them, and fireworks were launched from the vehicle, exploding in their direction. One of the explosions struck Mr. Smith. Interviews and video surveillance revealed Cannon to be the person who shot the fireworks from the moving vehicle. Multiple warrants were issued for his arrest, and he was booked into custody on September 30. 

Carmen Mccreedy beats her nephew bloody with a golf club in his bedroom

62-year-old Carmen Mccreedy was jailed early Friday morning after assaulting her nephew with a golf club on Lyncrest Drive. River Pollington was lying in bed watching YouTube videos on his phone when McCreedy came into his room and snatched his phone, saying, “I have to go to sleep!” According to Pollington, his aunt began swinging a golf club at him. He put her in a headlock to stop her from hitting him with the golf club. He then let her go and ran out of the room while she chased behind him, still swinging the golf club. He ended up running in a circle back to his room and tried shutting the door, but McCreedy lodged the door open with the end of the club. Pollington forced the door shut, snapping the gold club in half. The top part of the golf club was found on the bed. Blood covered the edge of the sheets inside the room. Pollington had a bloody injury to his left shin, and his skin was taken off his left forearm. Police observed the lock on the door frame to be damaged as a result of the golf club. Officers observed damage to the frame separating the hallway from the living room where Pollington fled from the swinging club.

Mccreedy stated that her nephew was playing loud music on his phone all night while she was trying to sleep and got tired of hearing it. She said not only did she go into her nephew’s room and take the phone, but she also threw it and broke it. Due to the severity of the injuries and the admission of throwing the phone, McCreedy was determined the primary aggressor and taken into custody.

Mitzie Riley knocks man off motorcycle with her car in road rage incident

53-year-old Mitzie Riley was jailed on Thursday evening after police say she purposely rear-ended a motorcycle at a red light on Old Hickory Boulevard. Matthew Morrow was not injured but had visible damage to his motorcycle. Officers made contact with two third-party witnesses on the scene who stated Morrow and Riley were in a road rage incident. It seemed Riley was upset with the motorcycle weaving through traffic and purposely used her vehicle as a weapon to knock Morrow off his motorcycle.

David Faill pulls gun on her ex-roommate

26-year-old David Faill’s ex-roommate called the police after he needed to return to the residence on Hermitage Dr. that he and David once shared to grab some items with his friend on September 11th. The ex-roommate, Cody Kless, told police that an order of protection against David was dismissed on September 8th, which police confirmed. He said that when he went to the residence, he looked up while he was on the floor and saw David. She had a weapon on her, and he could see straight down the barrel. Cody said it took her thirty to forty minutes to put the weapon away while standing next to the door. Reportedly, he did not feel safe to leave, and his friend corroborated the entire story. Police identified David through ARMS and placed her into custody for aggravated assault.

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