Darly-Dreko Bostick forces himself into ex-boyfriend’s apartment, throws vase at him

Darly-Dreko Bostick forces himself into ex-boyfriend’s apartment, throws vase at him

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20-year-old Darly-Dreko Bostick had an altercation with his ex-boyfriend, Laquez Dovonte Blivens, at his Old Hickory Boulevard apartment late May 16th. When officers arrived, they observed Blivens holding Bostick down on the ground. Then, due to Bostick’s lack of cooperation, officers detained him. Afterward, Bostick stated he had come to Blivens’s apartment with his friend and cousin, but they were trying to argue with Blivens. Bostick then told them to leave, attempting to de-escalate their dispute. Bostick said as he was trying to leave, Blivens stopped him and punched him in the mouth. Bostick advised that he went upstairs to the unit, trying to calm Blivens down, but he became combative and fought him.

Then, deputies spoke with Blivens, who stated that Bostick texted him saying he would come over, to which he told him not to. Bostick responded by telling him, “he was coming over,” and that he would open the door or “It would come open like their last altercation.” Blivens added that Bostick had a history of breaking into his apartment. Then, Blivens said that Bostick arrived with a group of individuals he did not know, so he told them to leave. Blivens advised that his brother came down from the unit after hearing a fight. Blivens then had to separate Bostick and his brother to prevent them from fighting. Blivens explained that Bostick tried to remove their Ring Camera from the door, but he would not let him. Blivens then attempted to shut the door on Bostick. While trying to shut the door, Bostick forced himself in, grabbed a flower vase, and threw it at Blivens. The vase hit Blivens, leaving minor bruises on his arm. Bostick was deemed the primary aggressor and was taken into custody for aggravated assault and vandalism on May 18th.

Darly-Dreko Bostick (MNPD)
Darly-Dreko Bostick (MNPD)

Darly-Dreko Bostick was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail on May 18th, charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and vandalism. A judicial commissioner set his bond at $11,100.

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