Shelly Sayles-Williams breaks daughter’s glasses in an argument over money

39-year-old Shelly Sayles-Williams was jailed after assaulting her daughter after an argument about money. Police spoke with Miguela Bartley, who said she and her mother argued earlier in the day over money. The argument seemed to have calmed down, and they went their separate ways in the home. Later, Shelly came into her room and started throwing things around, smashing things, and telling her she had to leave the house. Miguela tried to push her mother out of the room, and that’s when Shelly scratched her face and broke her glasses. The fight stopped when Shelly’s husband entered the room and pulled her off her daughter. Miguela then called the police and waited out front of the apartment for them. Officers saw her scratched face and broken glasses and took pictures of the injuries.

Twanta Chase charged after firing shots at a couple at a Madison hotel

Police say 38-year-old Twanta Lashea Chase drove a black sedan to the InTown Suites Extended Stay Hotel in Madison on November 28th and pulled up to where Takoria Primm and her boyfriend were standing outside. She exited her vehicle with a handgun and stated, “You didn’t think I was gonna come?” she then approached Takoria Primm while waving the gun and threatened to kill her, approached the woman’s boyfriend, then reportedly fired several shots. Chase fled the scene before officers arrived, and a felony warrant was issued for her arrest. Officers confirmed the events via hotel security video. She was booked on the outstanding warrant this week.

DUI: Ashley Asauskas crashes car on her own street, walks home to call the police

25-year-old Ashley Asauskas crashed her vehicle just 200 yards from her home in the early hours of Monday morning. Shen then exited the wrecked car and walked to her home just down the street. A witness called 911, as did Ashley when she got home. She initially wanted to be checked out by EMS but later signed a refusal. She stated she had consumed alcohol prior to driving and performed poorly on field sobriety tests. She later blew a 0.163% BAC on a breathalyzer and was charged with DUI.

UPDATE: Charges dropped against Husband, Wife released from DCS Custody — Cops had wrong birthdate

In a major update to the story we published yesterday about a refugee couple being separated by Metro Nashville Police, who charged the husband with felony statutory rape and committed the wife to DCS Custody, we have just learned that all charges are being dropped and the wife is being released from DCS custody. Metro Nashville Police say there was an error in determining her date of birth, which was actually in 2003, not 2006, making her 18-years-old, soon to be 19.

Nashville Police jail Married Afghan refugee; take wife into DCS custody — Maseehullah Feda

Metro Nashville Police initially responded to a 3rd party call about a domestic dispute early Tuesday morning. They met with 25-year-old Maseehullah Feda and his wife, who explained they were a married couple and were recently-arrived refugees from Afghanistan. As police were reviewing their provided and valid Employment Authorization cards they found the wife’s age to be 15. While allowable with permission in the country in which they were married (and also in Hawaii, Missouri, Montana, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire), police were not going to allow it in Tennessee.

Officers inquired about the sexual activities of the married couple, and they admitted they had sex within the past day, as they were married. Officer Paul Hughes took Feda into custody and charged him with felony statutory rape of his wife. Feda remains in jail, while his wife was removed from their home and taken into the custody of DCS.