DUI: Omar El-Assuli crashes after leaving Soho Lounge in Nashville

26-year-old Omar El-Assuli was involved in a single-vehicle accident on November 25th. Officers arrived and noticed that El-Assuli had a strong cologne odor while chewing some gum, causing them to believe he was using it to cover a scent. He advised officers that he had fallen asleep while driving and thought he hit a pole but was unaware of how the crash happened. Officers observed him to be visibly intoxicated as he told them he was coming from the Soho Lounge. El-Assuli told officers he had a handgun, so they secured it, and then he agreed to sobriety tests and performed poorly. El-Assuli was taken into custody for driving under the influence and possession of a handgun while under the influence.

DUI: Cordero Blake runs red light on Old Hickory Blvd

26-year-old Cordero Blake ran a red light on Old Hickory Boulevard in the early hours of November 8th and was observed by officers, so they conducted a traffic stop. Officers smelled a strong odor of marijuana as they approached the driver’s side door, and when they asked Blake to step outside of the vehicle for questioning, he was visibly impaired. The marijuana smell gave probable cause for deputies to search Blake’s car. In their search, officers located a loaded .45 handgun under the driver’s seat. Blake refused to perform sobriety tests or provide a blood or breath sample, so he was placed into custody for possessing a handgun while being under the influence, failure to obey a traffic control device implied consent violation, and driving under the influence.

Dakota Harney charged with having a handgun while drunk at Fox & Hound bar

23-year-old Dakota Harney was seen by several people tapping a gun on the glass outside Fox & Hound bar on Rivergate Pkwy. Police arrived at the bar and spoke to Martha Smith, who said she saw Dakota tap a gun on the glass, yell at guests by a pool table, then re-enter the bar and call someone a “bitch.” Earlier, she said she noticed him upset with another patron but could not tell who it was. At that time, she said that she kept an eye on him but did not see a firearm. While standing outside with another employee and seeing him tap the glass with the weapon, she called Goodlettsville Police Department. Several other witnesses also said they saw Dakota tap on the glass with a pistol to get someone’s attention. Police approached Dakota; they said he smelled of alcohol and did not have a pistol in his possession. Dakota said he drank inside Fox & Hound earlier for about three hours with friends. He said the man he rode with had a firearm, but he did not. Police reviewed security footage that showed Dakota going outside and tapping a gun on the glass later. Further investigation showed that Dakota is a convicted felon out of Florida.

Samuel Wease charged with possessing handgun while drunk in downtown Nashville

21-year-old Samuel Wease was the rear driver’s side passenger in a vehicle that was pulled over for suspicion of DUI just before 1:30 a.m. Sunday near Broadway in downtown Nashville. Officers observed a handgun in the floorboard, which Wease admitted belonged to him. An additional firearm was located in the glove box that belonged to another occupant. Officers noted a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle, and Wease admitted to being under the influence of alcohol.

Stephen Duke charged with DUI after birthday celebration at Jason Aldean’s bar

39-year-old Stephen Duke was jailed this week after speeding past State Troopers on I65 while drunk. The trooper clocked Duke at 113 MPH and pulled him over. The trooper could smell alcohol coming from the vehicle while questioning him. Duke said his birthday was on April 17th, so he and some friends went to Nashville to celebrate, and he had just left Jason Aldan Bar. He told the trooper he had his last drink about two hours ago. Once outside of the vehicle, Duke swayed as he spoke with the trooper, and he still smelled of alcohol. He agreed to sobriety tests and performed poorly. He informed the trooper that he had a loaded gun in his car. Duke’s criminal history showed he had been arrested in 2019 for a DUI and possession of a firearm under the influence.

Jonathan Tree found unconscious behind wheel of running car, wants to sue officers who arrested him

68-year-old Jonathan Tree was found unconscious behind the wheel of his running car at the main entrance to Green Hills Mall in the early hours of Sunday morning. Officers approached after he didn’t respond to loudspeaker commands and eventually woke Tree, who had trouble putting the vehicle in park. Once the loud music was turned down, Tree stated he was coming from a restaurant in Franklin and was on his way to a hotel. Tree stated he only had “one beer” several hours earlier in the evening. He added that he had not slept much since his flight landed in Nashville. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was taken into custody. A Glock 19 was located in the center console of the vehicle. During the transport to jail, Tree continuously yelled profanities, then repeatedly apologized and told officers he would sue them for this arrest.