Cathryn Thomas recorded herself smashing her ex-husband’s video gaming monitors

41-year-old Cathryn Thomas was jailed Thursday after reportedly smashing her ex-husband’s gaming monitors with a hammer. She has possession of the monitors in her vehicle as she was assisting in his move out of the home. Police responded to the scene, where Collin Thomas showed officers video footage of the vandalism, which his ex-wife had recorded her actions and messaged them to him. She obliterated two Predator gaming monitors and a 17” InZone gaming monitor.

Adam Ganzer charged in bedroom assault of girlfriend after going through her phone

26-year-old Adam Ganzer was reportedly in bed with his girlfriend, Victoria Barclay, Tuesday morning when he began to look at photos in her phone, starting an argument between the couple who lives together in Antioch. She says he ripped the phone from her hand and held it away from her. When she attempted to get it back, he shoved her, knocking her off the bed, which left visible injuries to her elbow. When interviewed by police, Ganzer stated, “She just got back from a four-day boating trip, and that is why she probably has shit on her body.” The victim was transported to the hospital, and Adam Ganzer was transported to jail.

Jane Edwards assaults her boyfriend after finding him on a gay dating app

50-year-old Jane Edwards was jailed on Wednesday night after hitting her boyfriend because she found him on a male dating website. William Ralph showed the police video footage of Jane slamming the door on him, hitting him, and throwing several items at him. The video shows Ralph yelling, “you’re hurting me!” Jane denied any physical altercation. She says they only argued because she caught him on a male dating site.

Marissa King punches boyfriend in face, pulls dreadlock from his head — at his workplace

25-year-old Marissa King was jailed this week on an outstanding warrant from February 28th after she punched her ex-boyfriend in the face and pulled out a dreadlock while he was at work. Ralkeem Baxter and King live together but are no longer in a relationship. Baxter was working at Food Lion when Marissa walked down the aisle, punched him in the face, and pulled out a deadlock from his head. There were visible scratches on Baxter’s right cheek, and officers issued a warrant for her arrest.

Travis Austin Carter ‘designer to the stars’ jailed in Nashville for alleged assault of ex-girlfriend

33-year-old Travis Austin Carter, who recently brought his #TravisAustin designer clothing & hat store to 5th & Broadway in downtown Nashville, was jailed Sunday afternoon on an outstanding warrant charging him with the domestic assault and bodily injury of Skylar Brooke Hollifield. She says the two were sitting in her pickup truck near Slim & Husky’s talking, with him in the driver’s seat and her in the passenger seat. He then reportedly stated he was taking her truck to visit his son, and she had to get out. When she refused, she says he walked around and physically removed her from her own truck. As she was halfway out of the vehicle, he slammed the door on her leg, causing substantial bruising, according to police. He then commandeered the truck and drove away. Hours later, the truck was returned to her residence.

Lester Anderson charged with assault of ex-boyfriend after a night at the club

31-year-old Lester Anderson was charged with domestic assault after beating up his ex-boyfriend on their way back from a club early Sunday morning. Anderson punched Gaven Huff multiple times, saying that everything he owns is also his. At one point, he grabbed Gaven out of the car and continued beating him. Officers witnessed several bruises and scratches in the chest and neck area. Gaven also had a cut on his face and multiple scrapes on his legs from being pulled out of the car. His clothes were also in disarray.

William Warren Davidson jailed after drunken assault of woman in his home

31-year-old William Warren Davidson was jailed after injuring a woman in his home after an argument spiraled out of control about his alcohol use. Saturday afternoon on Granada Ave, Kelly Driscoll told police that after yoga class, she was invited to Davidson’s house. When she arrived and realized Davidson was drunk, they got into an argument about him drinking too much. Davidson was locking himself in different rooms of the house and closed Kelly’s right arm in a door. Kelly states that Davidson also threw her onto the floor and broke her phone by throwing it out the front door. Police say the injuries are consistent with the details of the incident described by both Kelly and Davidson.

William Alexander charged in assault of girlfriend after he refuses to watch children

Jamonqueia Rucker was heard crying on the phone when she called 911 to report that her 25-year-old boyfriend, William Alexander, was outside the residence with a gun. Officers arrived and spoke with both parties. Jamonqueia says William refused to watch their two children while she went to work, but he refused and wanted their grandmother to have the responsibility. He then reportedly pushed her down onto the floor multiple times during an assault. Officers documented multiple bruises and injuries on the victim, some of them bleeding. William denied that he hurt the victim., and stated it was only an argument.

Troinesha Henderson says boyfriend, Famous Kass, brought another woman home… told her to leave

20-year-old Troinesha Henderson says her boyfriend, Nashville rapper Famous Kass (aka Jaylin Patton), brought another girl to their home late Thursday night and told Troinesha she needed to leave. She stayed downstairs after Jaylin went upstairs with the unnamed female. Troinesha was packing her belongings the following morning when she began arguing with Jaylin as he came downstairs to get food. She says she was holding a machete “for self-defense” purposes and began swinging it at Jaylin, leaving some cuts and scratches on him. Jaylin took the blade from her and stored it atop the kitchen cabinets, and placed her outside of the front door, along with all of her belongings, before locking the door. Troinesha called 911, but was also determined to be the primary aggressor and was taken to jail. 

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