Miracle Gober smashes car windows & punches friend in face with her blood-covered fists

21-year-old Miracle Gober was jailed this week on an outstanding warrant from last month, charging her with felony vandalism. Police say that on June 8th, Miracle was hanging out with her friend Jaylon Waters when they decided to visit his friend Marise Stewart, who Gober had never met. As they were all drinking heavily at Stewart’s apartment, Gober and Stewart got into an argument, and Gober was asked to leave her apartment, which she did. A short time later, Gober returned and knocked on the door, to retrieve her cell phone from Waters’ car to call an Uber. As he accompanied her to his car, Gober retrieved her items and then punched out his back window, shattering it with her bare hands, she beat multiple large cracks into the front windshield, and then punched him in the face with her blood-covered fists. Stewart had come outside to see what was taking so long and witnessed some of the assault.

Heaven Flanery charged with public intoxication after assaulting man outside Jason Aldean’s Bar

Metro Nashville Police Officers working the Entertainment District Initiative early Sunday morning say 25-year-old Heaven Flanery was standing in front of Jason Aldean’s Bar when she grabbed a bystander by the chin, scratching him. She claimed to know the man she assaulted, however, the victim had no idea who she was. It was determined Flanery was very intoxicated and was unable to tell police where she was staying, who could take care of her, or where her phone was. Due to her inability to care for herself, she was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication.

Ruth Beltran charged with ripping up her husband’s passport during an argument

Police responded to Rothwood Ave after Marcos Martinez contacted police to report his wife, 33-year-old Ruth Beltran, took his passport from their vehicle and ripped it up before tossing the remaining pieces into a dumpster. Marcos says the two were in an argument about her cheating on him. She had fled the scene before offices arrived and a warrant for her arrest was issued, charging her with vandalism. She was booked on the charge the following day.

Racist John Zarling says Nashville Police have no power over him at Jason Aldean’s Bar

John Zarling told Metro Nashville Police Officers “You have no power over me!” as he pulled away from the handcuffs they were attempting to place on his wrists at Jason Aldean’s Bar early Sunday morning. Officers responded to the scene after bouncers at the downtown Nashville bar asked Zerling to leave when he was involved in a fight on the second floor of the venue. Zarling continued to claim he had done nothing wrong and they had no reason to ask him to leave and refused to accept the fact that he could be asked to leave for any reason, as explained to him by Nashville police. Zarling’s social media is full of racist content (screenshots included).

He was given the chance to go outside and wait for his friends, but stated he wasn’t leaving the bar, so the bar staff asked for him to be trespassed and removed from the property. As officers were escorting him from the venue, Zarling grabbed onto things in an attempt to prevent his removal, and it eventually took several officers to physically remove him from the property.

Safa Homayoon says his father assaulted his dog, so he assaulted his windshield with a computer

43-year-old Safa Homayoon admits damaging his father’s computer by throwing it at his car, but says he only did so because his father hit his dog. Police responded to the Beechwood Ave call on July 9th when Seth Homayoon reported that his son, Safa Homayoon, was agitated about a situation and had taken his computer, but wasn’t sure what he did with it. As they visited the carport of the home, they observed the car’s damaged windshield glass and a damaged computer beside it.

Ryan Whalen & his brother, from New York, charged after brawl at Broadway Bar

Bouncers say 25-year-old Ryan Whalen started a fight at Jason Aldean’s Bar on Broadway in downtown Nashville on Saturday night which resulted in a man’s ankle being broken. His brother, Brendan Whalen, was also involved in that fight. The two were removed from the bar and told not to return. Security Manager Joshua Lynch says a few hours later the brothers, who were visiting from New York, returned to the bar and Ryan once again started another fight. They were both detained by security and charged with criminal trespass.

New Yorker Brendan Whalen & brother kicked out of Broadway Bar & jailed when they return

22-year-old Brendan Whalen and his brother, Ryan Whalen, were both jailed on criminal trespass charges this weekend at Jason Aldean’s Bar on Broadway in downtown Nashville after they were involved in a fight that left a man with a broken ankle and were kicked out of the bar. Despite warning to not return to the venue, just hours later they were back inside and quickly noticed by security manager Joshua Lynch as they caused yet another disturbance. The two New Yorkers were detained until police arrived, and charged with criminal trespass.