Bar patrons clap & celebrate as police remove Jeff Serra from Margaritaville Hotel in downtown Nashville

Staff at the Margaritaville Hotel in downtown Nashville say 43-year-old Jeffrey Serra was extremely intoxicated and causing a disturbance, so he was asked to leave. He closed out his tab but refused to leave the property, stating he had an issue with the amount he had just paid. Metro Nashville Police arrived to find him extremely intoxicated and still arguing about the tab. He was asked to step outside and discuss the matter with them, but he refused and became more belligerent and escalated to screams and shouts, disrupting other patrons. As police exported him from the property, the entire bar clapped during his departure. A search incident to arrest revealed a rolled marijuana blunt in a cigarette pack and 5 Oxycodone pills that were not in a bottle that was prescribed to him.

Rajiv Vyas to cops at Broadway Bar: “Arrest me, or I’m going back upstairs!” Here’s your mugshot, come again.

51-year-old Rajiv Vyas of Lebanon, TN, refused to leave a downtown business at 100 Broadway despite multiple demands from both the management and police. He had become disorderly and was disrupting other guests, and by the time police arrived, he was “irate” with security at the location. He eventually looked at the police officers and said, “arrest me, or I’m going back upstairs!” Officers obliged, and he was charged with criminal trespass.

Bachelorette Brigade Bridesmaid arrested in downtown Nashville — Alexandra Savage

25-year-old Alexandra Savage was in charge of the #BrideTribe this weekend, which traveled to Nashville to celebrate the upcoming wedding of Hailey Cooper and Will Hewett. As the chief planner of the bachelorette brigade, she created a vibrant social media campaign to #BuyHerAShotShesTyingTheKnot and #HypedToBeAHewett, complete with a graphics package and associated Venmo account. The party arrived in Nashville and continued to the Valentine on Broadway Saturday night, where security eventually asked Savage to vacate the premises due to her extreme level of intoxication and ‘over the topness.” She initially left but returned moments later and was detained until Metro Police took her into custody, charging her with public intoxication and criminal trespass.

Duo charged after refusing to leave apartment complex — William Robinson & Brandon Hanserd

20-year-old William Robinson & 30-year-old Brandon Hanserd were both jailed Wednesday afternoon after they refused to leave the property of the Overlook Ridge Apartments in North Nashville. Metro Nashville Police responded to the complex at 12:27 p.m. after reports of individuals near the back of the complex brandishing firearms. Both individuals were once again asked to leave and refused to do so. Management of the complex asked they be removed from the property, and officers verified they had a valid trespass waiver on file.

Michael Medland jailed after causing disturbance at North Nashville Hotel; told police “take me to jail!”

28-year-old Michael Medland was causing a disturbance at the Millenium Maxwell House hotel in North Nashville in the early hours of Saturday morning. He refused to leave when asked by staff, and Metro Nashville police were called to the property. Security advised he was not a guest of the hotel and told police “take me to jail” when they asked him to leave the property on his own. He stated he had been drinking for “a while” and could not remember how he got to the hotel or where he was actually staying for the evening. Due to his level of intoxication and inability to care for himself, Medland was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication, criminal trespass, and disorderly conduct.

Adam Stanley bounced from Losers Bar & Grill, but couldn’t stay away

Metro Nashville Police Officers working the Entertainment District Initiative Saturday night responded to Losers Bar & Grill in downtown Nashville for an altercation between bar staff and 44-year-old Adam L Stanley. Stanley was trespassed from the location and went about his night. A half-hour later, Stanley returned to the location and attempted to enter, despite just being trespassed and told not to return. He was transported to booking and charged with criminal trespass.

Tourist Cody Allen Stout wouldn’t stop asking strangers for drugs in downtown bar #GotDrugs?

28-year-old Cody Allen Stout, who visited Nashville from Ohio this weekend, was determined to find more than alcohol when he visited Jason Aldean’s Kitchen + Rooftop Bar early Saturday evening around dinner time. Security at the location says he annoyed both staff and other patrons while attempting to purchase drugs, asking everyone if they had any drugs available to sell him. He refused to leave when asked, and Metro Nashville Police took him into custody for criminal trespass.

Andrew Provenzano runs through security at Red Hot Chili Peppers concert in Nashville

22-year-old Andrew Provenzano was attending the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert in Nashville Friday night when police say he violated an unspecified policy of the venue and was escorted out by Apex Security and told to leave the property for the duration of the event. Upset that the Black Summer would go on without him, Provenzano decided to Give it Away, his freedom that is, and get to the Otherside, knowing he Cant Stop and took on a full-speed run, Easily making it through all security checkpoints. Police then took him into custody for trespassing and transported him to booking.