18-year-old Charles McKinney steals vehicle during party

18-year-old Charles McKinney was taken into custody on November 9th for the theft of Ashley Davidson’s car in October. Davidson advised officers that she had guests over when her keys came up missing, and when she questioned them, nobody knew where they were. Her guests left, and she found her keys without her car keys attached before realizing that her vehicle was no longer in the parking lot. She believed that McKinney was responsible for this. Davidson called her dealership two days later, where they called for an officer to recover the vehicle from Sylvan Street, where it was parked the night before. Officers retrieved footage from the recovery and incident locations showing McKinney matching Davidson’s description. She was also able to identify McKinney in a photo lineup.

Ethan Edwards — too drunk in downtown Nashville

43-year-old Ethan Edwards was booked this week after drunkenly approaching officers that were in the area for an unrelated incident. Police had responded to Demonbreun Street for a vehicle parking issue when Edwards approached them, stating that he had been carjacked. The officers attempted to investigate his claims, but he started arguing with them in the street. He tried to grab an officer by the shoulders, and they quickly realized that he was intoxicated by the odor of alcohol coming from his body. His speech was slurred, and he swayed while standing. He was placed into custody, and while being transported to booking, he told police that he was not intoxicated, but while awaiting processing, he admitted that he was.

Alycia Ackerman charged in late-night DUI after crash in Midtown

27-year-old Alycia Ackerman rear-ended another car at 18th & Charlotte in the early hours of Friday morning after leaving her friend’s house. As officers arrived, she attempted to walk away from them and was unsteady on her feet. She had trouble following directions to produce her identification and scattered all of her belongings on the ground. She was swaying during their interaction and smelled of “an excessive amount of perfume,” according to officers on the scene. She was cleared by medics and refused all testing. She was taken into custody and charged with DUI.

Richard Shaver charged with stomping brother-in-law’s face on roadway

26-year-old Richard Shaver reportedly pulled his brother-in-law, Jeremy Rider, from the back seat of a vehicle into the front seat, and when the vehicle stopped, he pulled him out onto the road and stomped on him. They had been out drinking, along with Richard’s girlfriend and Jeremy’s wife, and an argument erupted after Shaver said something about the family. The victim suffered severe swelling to his left eye and face, a black eye, and scrapes along both legs.

Ja’Korey Hunter charged with assault of woman at gay bar in Nashville; she punches him in face

21-year-old Ja’Korey Hunter was at Play Dance Bar at 2 a.m. Saturday when police say he sexually assaulted Brittanee Anderson. According to witnesses and video of the incident, Hunter walked up behind the victim, who was dancing with her friend, Kolton Dixon. He then reportedly put his arms around her waist and then placed his hand up her dress, touching her genital area and fondling her. She immediately confronts Hunter and punches him in the face. Kolton Dixon then threw Hunter to the ground. Security responded and detained Hunter until police arrived. Our partners at Clarksville Today previously covered Hunter’s DUI in October.

Christin Blankenship Austin punches boyfriend until he’s bloody in Nashville hotel room

39-year-old Christin Blankenship Austin is charged with the assault of her boyfriend, Kyle Simmons, at a downtown Nashville Hotel. The two were out exploring downtown Friday night and, as they returned to their hotel room, began to argue. During the walk to the room, Christin reportedly hit Kyle in the back of the head, and he informed her he was gathering his things and leaving. Once both were in the room, he says she punched him in the mouth and hit him in the back of the head again as he was collecting his belongings. During the struggle, his finger was also slammed in a door. Officers documented blood on his mouth and that his finger was injured. Christin was determined to be the primary aggressor and was charged with domestic assault and transported to booking.

Parson James (Ashton Parson) charged in 2nd DUI crash this year

31-year-old Sony Music recording artist Ashton Latadre Parson was charged with a DUI in January after crashing into a dumpster behind Checkers in East Nashville. A month later, his attorney, Nick McGregor, got his charges reduced to reckless endangerment, and Parson, who goes by the stage name of ‘Parson James’, received a suspended and probated sentence of 11 months and 29 days. Overnight, Parson was arrested for yet another DUI after he crashed at 17th & Edgehill. He admitted to consuming two glasses of wine and refused a blood test because of taking “medicinal things,” which he later clarified was marijuana. A warrant was obtained for his blood, and a draw was completed before he was transported to booking.

DUI: Wilson Limbaugh charged after drinking “3 beers” at Tin Roof Demonbreun

25-year-old James Wilson Limbaugh IV says he had “3 beers” at Tin Roof on Demonbreun before crashing his vehicle in the early hours of Sunday morning in downtown Nashville. He refused all field sobriety tests and blood draws by stating, “lawyer.” A night court magistrate granted a search warrant for his blood, which was drawn at Metro General Hospital prior to booking.

Riley Atzen charged with DUI after night in downtown Nashville

Metro Nashville Police initiated a traffic stop on 20-year-old Riley Atzen early Thursday morning as she was driving on West End Ave without any headlights. As officers approached the car, they report Atzen smelled of alcohol and dilated pupils, and slurred speech. She was reportedly confused and unable to follow instructions. She performed poorly on field sobriety tests and blew a 0.154% BAC on a breathalyzer.

Jonathan Damelio charged with breaking his wife’s hip during argument over finances

Metro Nashville Police say Peggy Damelio was transported to the hospital after what was initially reported as a fall, however, once at the hospital she disclosed that the broken him and laceration to her forehead actually came from her husband, 68-year-old Jonathan Damelio, knocking her down during an argument. She says they had been arguing about loans and their daughter moving back home from Michigan when the assault occurred.