Scoreboard Bar & Grill receives an 84 on health inspection — Music Valley

Scoreboard Bar & Grill receives an 84 on health inspection — Music Valley

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This story is brought to you by Scoop: Nashville as part of the #bspotter / #VisitMusicCity series which features tourist and downtown-related arrests in Music City.


Health Inspectors found cooked chicken wings sitting at 50 degrees in a walk-in-cooler, and an employee admitted to adding wings cooked on the day of the inspection to the prior day’s pan of cooked wings and mixing them together. That was one of the many violations earning the Nashville favorite an 84 during their regular inspection Monday afternoon. Other violations included raw oysters stored in pans on the floor of the cooler, pans nested into each other without lids, raw fish stored uncovered, and the hand sink in the prep room wasn’t able to be accessed or used.

Here’s a copy of the full inspection report from the Tennessee Department of Health:

Observations & Corrective Actions
  • 8: Handsink blocked in walk in cooler /prep room. CA table must be moved that was placed in fromt of handsink
  • 20: Cooked chicken wings at 50F in walk in cooler 1, employee stated he added wings cooked this morning to pan from yesterday this morning. CA educated employee on proper coolong and storage
  • 23: No consumer advisory for oysters. CA explained table tent for seasonal boils and needs to be added to menu if offered
  • 34: No visible thermometer in prep or drawer coolers
  • 37: Boxes of raw oysters stored on the floor in pan in walk in cooler
  • 37: Pans of raw oysters stored nested into each other in walk in cooler 2. Explained that they need to be stored with lids covering pans
  • 37: Raw fish and oysters stored uncovered in walk in cooler 2
  • 49: Backflow preventer for mop sink leaking
  • 53: Ceiling tiles missing in kitchen area
  • 53: Ceiling vents above prep area very dirty with dust
  • 53: Floor behind fryers and grill extremely dirty with grime and build up
  • 57: Post “no smoking” sign/symbol at all entrances and exits

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