Corner Pub Downtown scores 68 on health inspection; 30 pounds food embargoed

Corner Pub Downtown scores 68 on health inspection; 30 pounds food embargoed

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The Corner Pub Downtown on 5th Ave North scored a 68 on a health inspection Monday afternoon. The inspector’s report says the manager did not display any basic food knowledge about hot/cold holding or cooking temperatures. Chicken was undercooked at 148 F on the grill, cooked rice and sour cream were in a cooler at 48 F, and cole slaw at 58 F. In a prep cooler in the bar area, sour cream was at 57 F, coleslaw at 58 F, cantaloupe at 58 F, and various other food items held well above the proper temperatures. In total, 30 pounds of food was embargoed during the visit. The inspector was unable to locate any working thermometer in coolers, food was stored on the ground in coolers, and no hand sinks had the proper supplies.

Below are the details of the violations:

  • PIC did not display basic food knowledge of cold holding temperatures and cooking temperatures CA: Employee was trained.
  • An employee was observed grabbing a piece of raw chicken with gloves and did not wash their hands before swapping gloves to grab another piece of raw chicken.
  • No hand sinks in the cooking area are adequately supplied.
  • Raw fish in a walk-in cooler is stored above the cooked chicken.
  • Cooked raw chicken on the grill was temped at 148F.
  • Cooked Rice and sour cream in prep cooler #1, both temped at 48F.
  • Prep cooler in the bar area is not working; coleslaw was reading 58f, sour cream at 57f, cantaloupe 58F, corn beef 52f, lettuce at 58F, sliced tomatoes at 54F, and hardboiled eggs at 58F.
  • No visible working thermometers in coolers in the grill area.
  • Single-use cup with beverage being stored next to single-use items in the storage area.
  • Food is stored on the ground in walk-in cooler.
  • Single service items being stored on the ground in the storage area
  • Can opener in dishwasher area has excessive buildup
  • No test strips available at the washing station
  • No sanitary receptacle in women’s bathroom

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