Titans’ running back Hassan Haskins & girlfriend  jailed after domestic violence exchange

Titans’ running back Hassan Haskins & girlfriend jailed after domestic violence exchange

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Tennessee Titans’ running back Hassan Haskins was jailed Thursday after reportedly strangling girlfriend Makiah Green when she ‘liked’ another man’s Instagram Photo. In a subsequent argument over their breakup, Haskins reportedly kicked through a door in their home and cocked a handgun, and stated, “I hope you would,” as she threatened to slash his tires after ripping a $5,000 chain from his neck. She was also jailed during a second argument over their breakup.

According to police records, Hassan Haskins observed his girlfriend ‘like’ an Instagram photo of another man at around Noon on June 22. The two argued, and she began to throw his shoes onto the floor, causing him to be angered and demand she stops touching his things. When she didn’t stop, he reportedly pushed her to the ground, causing an injury to the back of her head.

Hassan Haskins Jr (MNPD)
Hassan Haskins Jr (MNPD)

She says he then pulled her from the closet as she fought back and tossed her onto the bed, where he strangled her with both hands for approximately 10-15 seconds. Once he released her, the two exchanged slaps and continued fighting. He eventually threw her to the ground, where she fell atop a dog crate and was strangled a second time. He fled the home shortly after, and she took photos of bruises to her face, neck, and shoulder which she provided to police.

Fast Forward to June 29, and Hassan and Makiah are at Bourbon Steak by Michael Mina, eating dinner while discussing ending their relationship. He abruptly left the restaurant, leaving her to wait for an Uber to return home. She returned home to find Haskins already inside. She threw a glass at him, shattering it, and then locked herself inside their bedroom. She says Haskins kicked and punched through the door, breaking it in half, so he could enter. During the subsequent argument, she ripped a $5,000 chain from his neck, breaking it.

Haskins then shattered her phone, which was on the nightstand. She then retrieved Haskins’ old iPhone so she could call her mother. When she turned on the phone, she says the screen filled with notifications and messages from his Snapchat, and it was a barrage of naked women and chats with them. She then shattered that phone and then assaulted him physically, which she says was from being extremely upset. Makiah then retrieved a knife from the kitchen and moved toward the garage to slash the tires of his vehicle. Haskins reportedly cocked a gun and said, “I hope you would!”

In a statement to Scoop: Nashville, the Titans management said they are aware of the situation and gathering additional information.

Makiah Green (MNPD)
Makiah Green (MNPD)

During an interview with police about the second incident, Haskins stated that she attacked him with a broom and strangled him from behind, threw his PS5 from upstairs, and put a hole in the wall. He provided a video of her with the broom during the second incident that showed her strangling and hitting him with the broom and throwing a bottle of water at him. He showed police a red bump on his back that he believed was caused by her assaulting him.

Hassan Haskins, Jr, of Old Hickory Blvd in Nashville, TN, was jailed for the first incident and charged with felony aggravated assault/strangulation. He is free on a $10,000 bond. Makiah Shantel Green of Hickory Blvd in Nashville, TN, was jailed for the second incident and charged with two counts of felony aggravated assault/strangulation and felony vandalism. She is free on a $7,500 bond.

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