Overton High School Asst. Basketball Coach Kayesean Coverson jailed for kidnapping girlfriend

Overton High School Asst. Basketball Coach Kayesean Coverson jailed for kidnapping girlfriend

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27-year-old Kayesean Coverson had a domestic altercation with his girlfriend, Alexis Streeter, at her apartment late February 10th. Officers were dispatched to Thornton’s Gas Station nearby regarding a kidnapping. Officers spoke with the complainant, Mikayla Marin, who advised them she heard her downstairs neighbor, Streeter, fighting with her boyfriend. Marin witnessed Coverson pull Streeter by the arms and push her into her car. Marin said Streeter was crying about not wanting to enter the vehicle as she held onto the door frame. She also stated that Coverson used both hands to force her into it before driving off to Thornton’s Gas Station. Officers started to search for Streeter and pinged her phone’s location to the Nashville West Shopping Center parking lot, where they found her vehicle unoccupied. Then, officers were flagged down by a bystander who advised them that Streeter was at Thornton’s. Officers located and brought Streeter back to her apartment, where she explained her situation. Streeter stated she and Coverson argued before he left, and then when Coverson returned, he grabbed a knife from the kitchen drawer. Coverson held it in the air, yelling, “Happy Birthday,” and walked out again, so Streeter locked the door. Streeter explained that they argued over the phone for 30 minutes about Coverson trying to gain entry to the apartment before he left the scene. Then, Streeter said Marin came to check on her, which was when she told Marin to alert the authorities if she had seen Coverson or heard any commotion. Streeter had believed that her door was locked when Coverson returned and gained entry. Streeter said Coverson then rushed into the bedroom and pushed her onto the bed while stating, “Now you deserve to die.” Coverson punched Streeter in the jaw and temple area and continued to swing punches near her hip while Streeter tried to kick him off. Streeter said Coverson went outside again and was arguing with the neighbors when Marin tried to give Streeter her phone to speak with 911 operators, but Coverson grabbed it from her hand and hung up the call. Then, Coverson dragged Streeter into the car so they could leave before the officers arrived. Streeter said she told Coverson that she did not want to go with him but permitted him to use her car. However, Coverson refused and forced her into the car anyway. While in the car, Streeter told Coverson that she needed to use the restroom, so they pulled into Thornton’s Gas Station, where she waited and asked bystanders to call the police. Coverson then entered the store, demanding Streeter come with him, but she refused, and he left the scene. Coverson was taken into custody for interfering with a 911 call, kidnapping, and domestic assault on February 16th. Kayesean Coverson is an assistant basketball coach at John Overton High School and has been placed on administrative leave since his arrest.

Kaysean S. Coverson (MNPD)
Kaysean S. Coverson (MNPD)

Kayesean S. Coverson of Berin Ct in Old Hickory, TN, was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail on February 16th, charged with domestic assault, kidnapping, and interfering with 911 call. He is free on a $39,500 bond.

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