Jeremiah Jordan threatens girlfriend with knife during assault

Jeremiah Jordan threatens girlfriend with knife during assault

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24-year-old Jeremiah Jordan was jailed on March 15th for assaulting his girlfriend at their home in Murfreesboro. Jala told police that she grabbed Jeremiah’s phone and saw a text on his phone from another girl. After Jala saw the texts on his phone, she threw his phone out the window and went home. Jala and Jeremiah began to argue, and he began to take down the bed in an attempt to put Jala out of the house. At some point during the argument, Jeremiah told Jala that he would jump off the Broadway Bridge. Jeremiah left but eventually returned home. Jala told him to go upstairs to the other room while she went to their room. While she was in their room, Jeremiah came in and began arguing with her, making suicidal comments once again. So, Jala tried to block the door and calm Jeremiah down so he wouldn’t leave to hurt himself. He eventually bucked up at Jala and started to choke her, but she was able to get away and go downstairs. Jeremiah followed Jala downstairs and choked her a second time, but she grabbed a cologne bottle and hit him with it. He let go of her briefly but came at her once again by grabbing her and biting her on the neck. Jala bit him back, and Jeremiah began choking her a third time until she couldn’t breathe, so she grabbed a picture frame and hit him in the head with it. Jeremiah then armed himself with a knife from the kitchen.

When police arrived, they observed a red bite mark on Jala’s neck, along with a bruise from being strangled and a red mark above her eye. Jeremiah told officers that when he got home, he asked Jala where her keys were and told her that if she didn’t give them to him, he would break her window. He then grabbed a hammer and hit Jala’s car window, but she insisted that she didn’t know where his keys were. Jeremiah then lifts her purse and finds her keys underneath. Jeremiah became upset and began taking the bed apart when Jala slapped the tool he was using out of his hand. They both walked toward each other before Jala hit Jeremiah, and he went downstairs to sleep on the couch. Jala then came downstairs and tried to wake him up by tapping him, pulling the covers of his head, and smacking his face. This prompted Jeremiah to react by grabbing her forcefully, causing them to get into a tussle, where he grabbed and flipped her. Jala then tried to kick Jeremiah. Jeremiah grabbed Jala’s leg to bite her, which is when she hit him in the head with the picture frame. Jala then backed out of the house while Jeremiah held a knife. Once Jala backed out of the house, Jeremiah locked her out of the house.

Based on the statement from both parties and the severity of Jala’s injuries, Jeremiah was determined to be the primary aggressor and was taken into custody.

Jeremiah Jordan (MNPD)
Jeremiah Jordan (MNPD)

Jeremiah D. Jordan was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail on March 15th, charged with two counts of aggravated assault. A judicial commissioner set his bond at $30,000.

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