Brittiny Lassiter assaults estranged husband after believing he was seeing another woman

Brittiny Lassiter assaults estranged husband after believing he was seeing another woman

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37-year-old Brittiny Lee Lassiter had a domestic incident with her soon-to-be ex-husband, Greg Mabry, at his Inglewood Circle South residence on March 20th. On the afternoon of March 22nd, Lassiter called the police regarding the incident. Lassiter stated that on March 20th, she was coming from a meeting when she passed by Mabry’s house and noticed a car, which she believed belonged to a female. Then she explained that they have a parenting agreement where they are not allowed to have significant others around when their kids are present. Lassiter texted Mabry, telling him that she would be there in ten minutes, and when she got there, he let her look around the house. Lassiter then stated that the alleged female was no longer there. She said after she looked around, Mabry tried to physically remove her from his residence, which was not caught on camera, but she started recording the interaction. The footage showed Mabry stopping and then sitting at the table. Lassiter said that their 8-year-old daughter woke up, so she put her back to bed. After this, Mabry tried to remove her from the house again, so she started recording again.

Officers reviewed the video and could not see a lot but were able to make out that she was walking to the front door, where they heard her say she could not believe their marriage had gotten to this point. Mabry was heard telling Lassiter she should not be there tonight and that this was the most extreme thing she had ever done. After this, he said to keep going, and then there was a squeak that sounded like a door opening. This was followed by Mabry telling Lassiter, “Get the fuck out, please.” Then, Lassiter responded, “Stop, do not,” Mabry replied, “Stop what?” Lassiter then said, “Do not talk to me like this.” And Mabry told her, “I do not appreciate this. You left our marriage to sleep with another guy in our bed. Get the fuck out.” After this, a physical altercation is heard, with what sounded like wrestling, followed by Mabry saying, “Stop, stop,” and then Lassiter says, “You want to fucking hit me?” Then, Mabry says, “No, I do not want to hit you. Just leave.” He continued to tell her to stop and leave, and then Mabry could be heard saying, “You just hit me in the face.” The altercation continued, and Mabry repeatedly told Lassiter to leave. The footage ends with Lassiter crying and picking up her phone. She then screams, hits the window, and finally leaves the residence.

Officers then spoke with Mabry, who stated that Lassiter came to the location after finding out a woman was at his house. He says she went to the house, asked why a woman was there, and forced her way inside. Mabry stated that Lassiter searched the home, asking him, “Where is she?” Mabry then tells her that she needs to leave and that the children are asleep. Lassiter told him she didn’t have to leave and began berating Mabry. He stated that their daughter woke up due to the argument, and he allowed Lassiter to put her back to bed. Mabry then corroborates what was heard in the video footage and explains that Lassiter hit him in the face. Mabry showed officers visible scratches and bruising on his nose. Lassiter was deemed the primary aggressor and taken into custody for domestic assault on March 22nd.

Brittiny Lee Lassiter (MNPD)
Brittiny Lee Lassiter (MNPD)

Brittiny Lee Lassiter of Inglewood Circle in Nashville, TN, was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail on March 22nd, charged with domestic assault. She is free on a $1,500 bond.

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