California Tourist Alansan Bangura tased after resisting arrest, tells officers they’re “enslaving him”

California Tourist Alansan Bangura tased after resisting arrest, tells officers they’re “enslaving him”

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36-year-old California tourist Alansan Bangura caused a disturbance at Luke’s 32 Bridge late March 10th. Security for the establishment alerted authorities and advised them that Bangura refused to leave the bar after being told to do so. Security noted that this was due to Bangura annoying other patrons, bumping into them, and making a scene. When the officers arrived, they tried to speak with him, but he was verbally irate, disregarding their commands. Officers then went to detain Bangura, but he became resistive, pushing backward, causing them to fall onto the ground in an unknown liquid. During this scuffle, Bangura fell onto Officer Tucker, injuring his shoulder. While on the ground, Bangura continued to resist, refusing to give officers his hands. When officers got his left wrist into a handcuff, they told him that he would be tasered if he continued not to cooperate, which he did not. After numerous chances, Officer Liquori placed the taser on Bangura’s back and dry-stunned him. After being tased, Bangura finally gave the officers his hand so they could detain him. Bangura repeatedly told officers that they were “enslaving him” and that they needed to take him to the precinct to let him go. Bangura also called them racial slurs while on the way to booking. Bangura was taken into custody for the assault of an officer, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and criminal trespassing on March 11th.

Alansan Bangura (MNPD)
Alansan Bangura (MNPD)

Alansan Bangura of Lupone Court in Elkgrove Court, CA, was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail on March 11th, charged with assault on officer, trespassing, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct. A judicial commissioner set his bond at $4,500, and the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office gave him pre-trial release from their facility.

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